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Der amtierende Welt- und Europameister Lorenzo Travisanutto (Tony Kart Racing Team) diktierte von Beginn an das Tempo bei den OK-Piloten: Im Qualifying, in den Heats und auch in Prefinale seiner Gruppe war er der schnellste Mann. Doch im Finale wendete sich das Blatt für den Italiener. Er musste sich am Ende der 20 Rennrunden mit Rang drei begnügen. Den Sieg holte sich derweil der Spanier Pedro Hiltbrand (Tony Kart Racing Team), während auch der zweite Platz mit Joseph Turney (Tony Kart Racing Team) an die OTK-Werksmannschaft ging, was somit einen lupenreinen Dreifachsieg für Tony Kart bedeutete.



The day after the Formula 1 GP in Sochi, Russia, the F1 driver spent a whole day at the South Garda Karting in Lonato with the Tony Kart Racing Team, testing the Tony Kart OK and KZ Racer 401R chassis.

Monday, September 30th has been a special day for the Tony Kart Racing Team, when we had the honor and the pleasure of hosting the 4 times Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel under the official tent set up on the South Garda track in Lonato.

Sebastian, back from the demanding trip to Russia for the F1 GP of Sochi, decided to dedicate an entire day to the kart, testing on the track the Tony Kart Racer 401 R both in direct-drive and KZ version.

Vettel carried out several test sessions on the track, sharing impressions and indications with our technical staff and often talking especially to Marco Ardigò, a real consultant in giving the German useful tips to adapt his driving style to shifter karts, never tried before.

On the track, on the other hand, the F1 driver has shared several laps with our official driver Joseph Turney, without paying attention to the time, but trying to improve his technique more and more.

Between Vettel and Tony Kart there is a solid and lasting bound, started during the years where the German was a kart driver and, in particular, since his victory at the 2001 European Championship. Later, Vettel took part in some of the events organized by the FDA within the collaboration with the Tony Kart Racing Team, besides several other tests carried out personally, always assisted by the Tony Kart technical staff. In 2008, for example, he tested a special kart on the track, with no bodyworks and a configuration anticipating several of the solutions then adopted on the new OK and OKJ engines. Therefore, in 2016, he tested the DDS engine for a long time, as always without sparing himself working on the kart personally. A real example of passion and dedication, to whom Tony Kart is proud to offer every time all its support.