Autorisiertes Rotax Kart Motoren Service Center

GN Motorsport GmbH ist Autorisiertes Service Center für Rotax MAX Kart Motoren, 
wir bieten Ihnen das komplette Rotax MAX Motoren und Service Programm, schnelle Verfügbarkeit für alle Rotax MAX Kart Produkte. 
Wartungs - Garantie und Verplombungsservice. is a trusted ROTAX shop.
This seal guarantees that the audited company meets specified quality requirements regarding the sale of ROTAX kart products and fully complies with the relevant legal regulations.

The ROTAX engine concept is unique worldwide:
By expanding with various accessories and components, one can
125 Mini MAX can be easily converted into a 125 Junior MAX or MAX. The hobby athlete, like the professional, attaches great importance to the power of his engine. But, and this is what sets it apart, it also has longevity and comfort. The 2-stroke engines from ROTAX offer the best combination of these properties to date. They produce up to 35 hp at 125 cm³ and are still as durable and quiet as a 4-stroke engine. Electric starter, pneumatic exhaust control, vibration compensation shaft, centrifugal clutch, integrated water pump, air filter and a digital ignition system are standard equipment. Other sophisticated details such as 2-speed gears, direct drive (no chain) and integrated thermostat are available.