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Tony Kart


The latest evolution of the top-range chassis of OTK Kart Group has been introduced, twice world champion in 2021. As for the Mini category, the range expands with the new Rookie EVS.

Racer 401 RR, Rookie EVH and Rookie EVS: these are the names of the latest evolutions of Tony Kart chassis. For more than 20 years, the Racer has been embodying the winning spirit of Tony Kart and it’s the key point of the whole range: born in 2000, it has collected 10 world championships - including the very recent two 2021 titles, in both the KZ classes and in OK as well – other than several international victories in all categories.

As always, our Tony Kart Racing Team plays a key role in the developments introduced: the constant work of OTK Kart Group's R&D department is in fact "guided" by the information gathered by the official racing department on the most important race tracks in the world. And the experience on the track in particular has led to the second great news for the 2022 season, the renewed Rookie, now called Rookie EVH, flanked by a second model (always for the Mini class), the Rookie EVS.

Thanks to the in-depth tests sessions carried out in the wind tunnel and by means of CFD computer simulations, OTK Kart Group's R&D department has developed the M10 kit for the Racer 401 RR, which includes slimmer side bumpers with reduced weight and able to favour the cooling of the rear tyres. The front nose and the M7 number plate (now in green) comply with the current FIA regulations as well as the rear protection, now adjustable in width.

The Racer 401 RR sees the introduction of further refinements with regard to the driving position, with the chance now of adjusting the footrest more flexibly and thanks to the introduction of new seat supports. All this, as always, combined with the HGS steering wheel and its inclined hub.

As for the brakes, we find the tested BSD system for the single-speed versions and the BSS for the shifter chassis and DD2 versions of the Racer 401 RR. The braking systems are the same ones that equipped the Tony Kart winners in the 2021 editions of the FIA Karting World Championship for OK and KZ classes. Next to these technical solutions are the new BSZ braking system, exclusively dedicated to the shifter versions, equipped with brake pumps with larger diameter pistons for a perfect braking adjustability.

In the Mini category, there will be two chassis: the Rookie EVH and the Rookie EVS; the latter features a revised frame in terms of geometry that is better suited to "soft" compound tyres. Both Mini chassis are equipped with a floating disc and adopt the renewed graphics of the top-range model, Racer 401 RR.

Unchanged, for the whole range, the "Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, 100% made in OTK - Italy" philosophy, at the base of all products signed by OTK Kart Group. The Italian company has always used only selected and quality-controlled materials, processed through automated processes that guarantee uncompromising production standards.

Tony Kart Racer 401R
Tony Kart Racer 401R
Tony Kart Racer 401R

Tony Kart ist das Flaggschiff der OTK Kart Group, ein führendes italienisches Unternehmen im Kartsport. Es ist eine Marke, die in den 60er Jahren gegründet wurde und sich schnell zum Marktführer in der Welt entwickelt hat.
Der größte Wendepunkt in der Geschichte von Tony Kart fand in den 1980er Jahren statt, als der Übergang von einer handwerklichen  zu einem echten Technologieunternehmen stattfand.  Eine Veränderung, die auch optisch durch die Einführung der grünen Farbe des Chassis symbolisiert wird, die das Tony Kart bis heute kennzeichnet und die im Laufe der Jahre zu einer Referenz für die erzielten Siege und die angebotene Qualität geworden ist.
Tony Kart hat sich immer durch die erzielten Innovationen hervorgetan, die das Ergebnis von Forschung und Entwicklung sind, die durch über 30 Jahre Tätigkeit bei den prestigeträchtigsten und wichtigsten Wettbewerben des Tony Kart Racing Teams unterstützt wurden.
Qualität und Leistung sind in der Tat enge Komplizen bei Tony Kart-Produkten. Um das Ziel der Verschmelzung dieser beiden Eigenschaften zu erreichen, war es notwendig, das Design und die Konstruktion aller Komponenten der Tony Kart-Karts innerhalb der Fabriken der OTK Kart Group zu konzentrieren, um maximale Kontrolle über die gesamte Designkette und zu haben



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